The new LHC AS2 framework offers a replacement to the existing Asbestos Works & Services framework (AS1) and is suitable for use by all publically funded bodies throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

The Asbestos Services (AS2) framework will be operated under four (4) workstreams:

Workstream 1: Domestic Asbestos Consultants.
Workstream 2: Commercial Asbestos Consultants.
Workstream 3: Domestic Asbestos Removal and Remediation.
Workstream 4: Commercial Asbestos Removal and Remediation.

Workstreams and regions operate independently of one another. Tenderers may apply for one or more workstreams and regions. In order to ensure this opportunity is available to SME's, the framework will be divided into regional lots:

  • Lot KX: South West.
  • Lot K3: Cornwall.
  • Lot I: Greater London.
  • Lot JW: Home Counties West.
  • Lot JS: Home Counties South.
  • Lot HX: Home Counties North.
  • Lot G: West Midlands.
  • Lot F: East Midlands.
  • Lot H1: East Anglia.
  • Lot E: Yorkshire & Humber.
  • Lot DX: North West.

Properties managed for Asbestos removal 

LHC's Clients have diverse property portfolio with different volumes of asbestos removal and remediation services required, due to day-to-day maintenance and repairs to large-scale planned replacement projects. The types of properties typically managed are:


  • Single occupier and multiple occupier dwellings - houses and flats
  • Common areas of residential blocks
  • Low, medium, and high-rise
  • Residential homes including those with vulnerable persons
  • Common areas other areas such as garages and loft spaces.


  • Managed residential blocks
  • Care homes and sheltered accommodation
  • Commercial offices buildings, central or local housing team offices, halls, and day care centres
  • Municipal buildings such as libraries, sports hall, museums etc.
  • Other public building such as conference centres and other commercial buildings
  • Educational buildings such as universities, schools, and colleges
  • Research establishments
  • Hospitals and hospital-related properties, including health centres and GP surgeries
  • Blue light buildings.

Companies may apply to service one or more workstream. The tender for England, Scotland and Wales have different regional tender release dates:

England: Available January 2018
Scotland: Tender available - April 2018
Wales: Tender available - June 2018

Those companies interested in completing the tender exercise should register through ProContract:

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Asbestos Works & Services

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Shield Environmental Services Case Study

Find out how Shield Environmental Services helped the University of Kent with a contaminated building through our AS1 framework.

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