Suitable for new build extension works and general refurbishment of schools and community buildings.

Works & services offered

Workstream 1 covers:

  • Full scope design service
  • Design and build (traditional)
  • Design and build (modified)

Workstream 2 covers:

  • External refurbishment works
  • Internal refurbishment works

Benefits of LHC framework for schools & community buildings

The LHC Framework for schools and community buildings provides our clients with a one-stop shop solution for all types of educational and other public sector owned non-housing buildings.

All works are compliant with the relevant Building Regulations for England, Wales and Scotland, as well as UK legislation, statutory instruments, international, European and British Standards and all current DCSF Building Bulletins.

Quality is monitored in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System from project initiation through to project completion.

Health and safety procedures and performance are monitored in accordance wih construction design and management regulations.

Clients also have the assurance that sustainability and environmental management policies have been evaluated to ensure sound practices on- and off-site and in the sourcing of materials.

This framework for England, Wales and Scotland is effective from 1st July 2013 until 30th June 2017.


Schools & Community Buildings

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