2020 Out of Hours Emergency Phone Service - Brent Council

Most recently, with the current pandemic Brent needed a new helpline, telephone number, script and training to start within 10 hours notice. This was completed and the service is growing, and therefore variations for the script are often and detailed. The feedback has been excellent from residents and the Council.

Brent Council awarded SPS Door Guards through our Vacant Property Protection and Associated Services (V7) Framework, to provide an out of hours call handling service to help manage the influx of incoming calls from residents.

The following services were carried out by the SPS team:

  • Reactive Social and repairs calls
  • Out-of-hours call handling services
  • Homelessness
  • Noise
  • Parking
  • Social care calls

The project was completed on time through phased planning. SPS Door Guard were constantly monitoring costs throughout the project with providing explanations for the extra days cover they required depending on the reason, such as relocation, emergency response following i.e. the weather storm known as the “Beast from the East”.

LHC delivers a simple core service. We bring buyers and suppliers together, to build and maintain public property more efficiently and cost effectively, to benefit the local community.

Our Vacant Property Protection & Associated Services framework (V7) framework is suitable for use by all publicly funded bodies throughout England, Wales and Scotland. The framework has 6 separate Regional Lots all assessed individually on capability and price. Companies have demonstrated their competence and experience to undertake the service across all regions.

Feedback from the tenants themselves were also quite encouraging and heartening. They felt appreciated that their needs were being catered too and were not restricted to certain hours during the day.

"There was a compact joined up approach working with SPS our new Supplier and the outgoing suppliers, this was worked on by going into detail on service requirements for our customers, internal departments within the business and of course the external contractors. Optional training and communication in order that SPS were able to handle the calls on date of transfer. The attitude and behaviours of SPS personnel was very positive and professional" Seema Sharda Customer Services Manager at Brent Council

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