"Off-site manufacturing techniques offer a solution for getting good quality, affordable new homes built more quickly". This was the focus of an article written by LHC Director, John Skivington, for Inside Housing magazine.

"Despite its chequered history, the off-site sector has come a long way. Social landlords are increasingly turning to the benefits now offered by this method of building to help tackle the housing supply shortage.

Factory-built panelised and volumetric units offer a cost-effective and quick solution to house building, particularly in urban areas where there is an increasing demand for more housing on pockets of brownfield land.

In addition, improved quality, reduced waste and efficient building techniques are helping to drive demand.

As a leading provider of technical procurement advice and procurement solutions, LHC has introduced the first nationally available procurement framework for off-site built new homes to support this surge in interest

The Off-site Construction for New Homes Framework

The Off-site Construction for New Homes Framework will help social landlords tap into the benefits of this house building solution.

And, once the third and final workstream is introduced later this year it will offer our social housing clients a complete turnkey solution.

At LHC, we believe off-site manufacturing techniques offer a possible solution for getting good quality, affordable new homes built more quickly – something we see as a priority for local authorities and housing associations.

This is the key driver for providing our clients with a framework that covers all of the elements they need so they too can jump on the off-site band wagon.

Improved quality, reduced waste, efficient building techniques – that result in less noise, dust and local disruption - and an energy efficient end product are among the benefits.

In addition, it is quicker to build this way, so social landlords can get tenants into homes more quickly and start getting a return on rent payments underway faster.

The framework takes LHC back to its roots, when we were established 50 years ago to collaborate on ‘industrialised building systems’ to support the post-war house- building boom.

Today the market is buoyant again. Extensive investment and innovation, supported by tougher regulation, is paying dividends, leading to significant improvements in quality, efficiency, sustainability and compliance.

The framework has been divided into three different workstreams. The first is for ‘volumetric building systems’ - factory produced three-dimensional units that are transported to site and fixed together.

The second is for ‘panelised building systems’, factory-produced flat panel units that are taken to site and assembled there. These workstreams were launched last year.

The third workstream to be added to the framework will enable LHC to offer its housing association and local authority clients a complete turnkey solution when it comes to building new homes using off-site construction methods taking the hassle away from buying elements of the supply chain.

With the growing interest by councils and housing associations to meet the challenges of needing to build more homes, it is likely that off-site will be part of LHC’s framework portfolio for years to come."

The full chapter in Inside Housing can be viewed here. Alterntively, download pdf versions.

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