Research commissioned by the Local Government Association reveals that over 475,000 homes that have received planning permission are waiting to be built.

Main figures when it comes to housing shortage

The LGA stated that the “figures underline the need for councils to invest in building more homes” as well as address the construction industry skills shortage.

Developers taking on average 32 months to complete work from when sites receiving planning permission. This is up by 12 months from 2007/08. The research claims that getting planning permission is not the problem as councils approve nine out of ten applications.

Cllr Peter Box, LGA Housing spokesman commented, "While private developers have a key role in solving our chronic housing shortage, they cannot build the 230,000 needed each year on their own. To tackle the new homes backlog and to get Britain building again, councils must have the power to invest in building new homes and to force developers to build homes more quickly."

John Skivington, LHC Director commented, “The report recognises that a skills shortage is a key issue for house building. This problem is not going to be rectified overnight even if the sector does receive the support and investment it needs to overcome this growing problem.

“Some Councils are taking an interest in off-site construction techniques as an alternative route to speeding up the construction of new homes. With significant investment in design, quality and production facilities, this method allows for a significant reduction in on-site completion times of factory constructed homes.

"This cost effective solution not only is significantly quicker than traditional on-site methods, but means houses can be built using significantly less labour.”

Recently launched turnkey framework

LHC , which has recently launched its turnkey framework for the Off-site Construction of New Homes to encourage councils and other social landlords to consider this route, has organised a series of off-site factory visits in February.

Social landlords interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to better understand the benefits of off-site, can register to visit one of six manufacturers across England, Wales and Scotland.