LSE Framework Series

This weeks LSE Framework Series is being bought to you by the London and South Easts team’s newest member, Ian Davies who joined our team almost a month ago as a Client Support Manager for the South East region.

We put him up for the challenge and he accepted so we are bringing Episode 7 to you which will be on our Heating Services (HS1) Framework.

We hope you enjoy this episode and don’t forget to welcome Ian on board!

For any questions related to the framework or the LSE Framework series in general, please email

For previous episodes, they are available below:

Episode 1: NH2 - by Jennifer Castle

Episode 2: MB1 - by Ethan James

Episode 3: WD1 - by Sam Whiting 

Episode 4: FS1 - by Anna Kuznetsova

Episode 5: V7 - by Timothy Lee-Davis 

Episode 6: PR3 - by Boby Singh 

For the next episode, follow the link below:

Episode 8: WH2 - by Timothy Lee-Davis