LSE Framework Series

We understand the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation is posing challenges for everyone right now.

We’ve been thinking of ways to bring regular framework updates to you during this time and as the London and South East team, we have been working on a small project and are pleased to introduce The LSE Framework Series with you, our trusted clients and appointed companies.

The LSE Framework Series will be bringing you weekly framework updates from each member of the London and South East team! This will be a great opportunity for us to engage with you and introduce some of our existing and upcoming frameworks which could be of use later in the year.

We hope you enjoy these regular updates and feel free to send some feedback to

We are kickstarting this by introducing our Offsite Construction of New Homes (NH2) Framework presented to you by our regional manager, Jennifer Castle.

The next episodes are also available to watch below:

Episode 2: MB1 - by Ethan James

Episode 3: WD1 - by Sam Whiting 

Episode 4: FS1 - by Anna Kuznetsova

Episode 5: V7 - by Timothy Lee-Davis 

Episode 6: PR3 - by Boby Singh

Episode 7: HS1 - by Ian Davies  

Episode 8: WH2 - by Timothy Lee-Davis 

Episode 9: AS2 - by Anna Kuznetsova

Episode 10: SCB2 - by Ethan James

Episode 11: A7 - by Boby Singh 

Episode 12: K6 - Ian Davies

Episode 13: N8C - by Ethan James