Renowned housing leader appointed as LHC Group’s new chair

Not-for-profit framework provider LHC has announced Peter Quinn as its new chair – the first in a series of new appointments to the LHC board.

Part of a major governance review to support future growth at LHC, he arrives with more than 30 years in leadership positions in the housing sector.

Currently a Paradigm Housing board member, Peter is also interim investments and partnerships director at Watkin Jones Group, where he leads development of its affordable homes business alongside its successful build-to-rent and student accommodation work. He previously spent 14 years at Lovell Partnerships as its national Partnerships Director. He has also held Executive Director posts at Midland Heart Housing Association, St. Pancras Housing Association and Thames Valley Housing.

Peter, who has worked with framework providers through his roles at housing associations and developers, will bring to LHC his experience of developing UK-wide partnership approaches and delivering significant growth in affordable housing programmes.

He says:

“This is a hugely exciting opportunity as LHC enters a new phase in its long history. The Board and leadership team are forging a positive new path and growth strategy for the organisation to build upon the success of LHC so far. I look forward to working with Cllr. John Bevan, current Chair of the LHC Joint Committee, drawing on his years of experience and a solid foundation of achievement.

“This is about creating new opportunities which continue to benefit our staff, customers, partners and communities, and I relish being a part of that.”

Elaine Elkington, LHC Group interim managing director, says:

“Peter’s appointment is a hugely important step in preparing LHC for the future. LHC has performed very well this year in the face of the adversity wrought by Covid. Now is the perfect time to look at what sort of organisation we want to be going forward, and to explore more seriously the various options we have been discussing for some time.

“Our current governance arrangements have been in place for over 50 years and while they have served LHC well in the past, our pace of growth requires a more agile structure representative of both current and future operations.”

As part of its governance and operations review, LHC Group will announce the other members of its new Board next month, as it continues to develop a set of strategic options for the organisation in the future.

LHC is a not-for-profit central purchasing body which develops a wide range of construction frameworks in England, Scotland and Wales. LHC's frameworks are available to all publicly funded contracting authorities to procure works, goods and services to design, construct, refurbish and maintain social housing, schools and public buildings.

Peter Quin Lhcchair
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