New Look For LHC Windows and Doors Frameworks

This year, LHC is renewing its windows and doors framework offering for the benefit of public sector organisations and the community.

LHC recently celebrated its 50th anniversary of providing public sector procurement frameworks. In the mid-1960s these were called “Bulk Quotation Arrangements” but the concept was similar – the provision of good quality, high specification components and services at competitive prices. All for the benefit of public sector organisations and the community.

Throughout this term, windows and doors have been a major part of LHC’s product portfolio. We’ve seen the improved development and sustainability of timber products plus the emergence of aluminium and PVC-U materials together with composite doors. As each product type has evolved, it has formed its own separate LHC framework. Now, we have decided to amalgamate all LHC window and door products into one framework; namely WD1.

WD1 will be entitled “Windows, Doorsets and Associated Products” and the material products will be presented as workstreams, as follows –

  • Workstream A7 = Aluminium Windows and Doorsets
  • Workstream C8 = Composite Entrance Doorsets
  • Workstream T4 = Timber Windows and Doorsets
  • Workstream U10 = PVC-U Windows and Doorsets

Many of the present product and performance requirements are similar across the range of materials such as energy efficiency, security and fire safety in order to conform to Building Regulation and Building Standards requirements. Similarly, the method of surveying and installing new units is largely consistent. Consequently WD1 will contain a “generic” specification for products, services and works applicable across all workstreams, alongside a product specific specification for each workstream.

LHC also recognises the probability of updates during the framework term; most notably within the area of fire safety. The specification document will be updated to reflect any significant regulatory or performance changes within England, Scotland and Wales. 

The first frameworks to be tendered under the WD1 label will be the PVC-U and timber window and door products (Workstreams U10 and T4 respectively). The C8 and A7 workstreams will follow at a later date to complete the framework family.

The PIN Notice (2017/S 215-446358) for WD1 has now been published and prospective tenderers should read this carefully, especially Clause II.2.14 which advises: “Companies who are interested in receiving the Tender documents should, in the first instance, register on LHC's on line eTendering portal via to receive the very latest information on this procurement.”

The new look WD1 framework will still reflect LHC’s traditional ethos of offering value for money, high quality window and door products for the benefit and well-being of the community.