Social landlords are often under pressure to build high quality, best value housing quickly. Traditional house builders are finding skill shortages in many areas that puts pressure on house building costs.

Agreement for Off-site Construction of New Homes Framework launch

There is a solution that provides an ideal alternative to social landlords wishing to build new housing quickly and efficiently – off-site construction. With many UK manufacturers now using state of the art manufacturing techniques in modern, highly automated factories, off-site construction has come a long way in recent years, offering landlords high quality and cost effective solutions for house building.

Public sector procurement specialist LHC, has launched its Framework Agreement for Off-site Construction of New Homes (design, manufacture, supply and erection) that is available to public sector organisations in England, Wales and Scotland.

Fully OJEU compliant, it provides local authorities, housing associations and other social landlords with easy access to off-site manufactured volumetric and panelised building systems for the use in new home build projects. The framework includes the option of a turnkey solution including design, manufacture, supply, installation and construction services. Alternatively, a supply option excluding construction services is also available.

Suppliers on the framework have developed standard house types which help clients avoid design issues and save time and money, as the houses already comply with Building Regulations, the Housing Quality Index (HQI) and funding authority requirements.

Important details about the framework from LHC Director

John Skivington, LHC Director commented, “We are delighted to launch the second phase of our offsite construction framework. Offering a supply only, as well as a full turnkey solution, offers our clients flexibility of choice. The companies appointed to service this new framework meet the strict LHC requirement of offering superior quality while offering competitive pricing.

“I would recommend that anyone interested in finding out more should attend our Factory Fortnight event in February 2016. This event will offer clients the opportunity to visit off site factories and find out about the benefits of modern off-site building techniques.”