Experience Off-site with LHC's Virtual Reality

LHC is launching its new off-site virtual reality experience at CIH Housing 2017, in Manchester on June 27-29. The new technology will showcase off-site construction and enable delegates to experience it first hand in a virtual world!

Off-site construction is becoming an increasingly recognised solution for the housing supply shortage. Social landlords are turning to this method of building as it is time and cost effective in comparison to traditional builds.  

Rather than only speaking about it, LHC will be enabling those who attend the event to visualise how future off-site projects can efficiently create high-quality homes.

The new off-site virtual reality experience will allow users to observe the journey of a modular building. The headsets will peer inside an off-site factory and will look at how off-site is used for the construction of both modular and panelised houses. 

LHC have recently launched two off-site procurement frameworks for public sector looking to construct houses and other public buildings using off-site methods.

Off-site Construction of New Homes

Modular Buildings

 Later this year, LHC is also launching its Off-site Innovation Centre, in collaboration with Explore Offsite within the BRE Innovation Park (Watford). The centre will explore off-site methods as a construction solution to the housing supply shortage and will bring together thought leaders and innovators within the industry to share their expertise on procedures and benefits.