Two fundamental standards relevant to the specification of window and door products have now been revised and issued as 2016 editions.

Important information regarding Windows & Doors 

The first is BS 4873, ‘Aluminium alloy windows and doorsets – Specification.’ This is widely referenced within LHC’s A6 Framework Arrangement for both performance and manufacturing requirements. The revision now updates references and conformity to European standards (BS ENs) taking account of on-going developments within window and doorset design.

The second is BS PAS 24, ‘Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK’. The abbreviation “PAS” stands for Product Assessment Specification. It details the criteria and testing methods associated with resisting attack “normally associated with the casual or opportunistic burglar”. To keep in step with changing security requirements, PAS 24 has undergone numerous revisions over recent years and closely partners the provisions of Secured by Design criteria. 

LHC Windows & Doors Standards

All of LHC’s suite of detailed window and door specification requirements demand conformity to the latest versions of relevant standards. Many are further supported by third party certification. The updating of these is a prerequisite written into our tender specifications and service agreements.

Keeping track of these developments is all part of LHC’s technical service to our users.