Members rebate generates a community benefit fund

Members in each region have the opportunity to create and distribute a Community Benefit Fund. The fund is generated from the rebate members receive if they spend over a specified threshold on our frameworks. An additional community benefit fund is available to LHC Board member organisations.

We work with members in each region to find a local charity partner who can help them distribute grants to worthwhile projects and causes. Projects and causes must meet specific criteria determined by members, to ensure the Community Benefit Fund is used to support local needs and objectives.

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In each region we appoint an independent community benefit agency to work with members to find a local charity partner.

Community benefit in numbers

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LHC Community Benefit Fund goes from strength to strength

The LHC Community Benefit Fund is a great success story for the community groups it helps across our five regions. Over the last year in excess of £325,000 has been invested in 51 community projects, targeting broad areas of need, from skills training for older men to equipment for people with dementia, community gardens to young people's facilities in deprived areas.

Spotlight on community work

Newlon Housing Trust

RISE Youth Club

Richmond Housing Partnership

Vivid Homes

A rebate cheque of £17,000 was presented to Vivid Homes, who are a firm which deliver homes, services and support to over 70,000 customers. Over the years, Anglian Building Products were appointed to undertake numerous planned Windows and Doors projects through LHC's A7 framework. Which has created high expectations reflected in both their quality of service and performance within a value for money offering.

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University of Warwick

Through CPC's Schools and Community Buildings (SCB2) framework, a new state-of-the-art Degree Apprentice Centre was built for students, which consisted of a three-storey building with an IT Teaching Lab, small amount of meeting rooms, nine teaching rooms, open plan break out area and a ground floor science lab.

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