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There are different levels of membership available to all public sector organisations dependent on the level of influence you wish you have.

Associate Membership is open for all public sector organisation who wish to use our industry leading frameworks and receive a rebate based on the overall project spend.

Local Authorities who wish to contribute to the strategic direction of LHC and wish for their elected Councillors to sit on our board, are recommended to opt for Constituent Membership.

An additional community benefit fund is available to LHC Board member organisations.

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Current board members include:

Councillor John Bevan

-- London Borough of Haringey: Cllr John Bevan (Chair of LHC Board)


-- London Borough of Hillingdon: Cllr Philip Corthorne (Vice Chair of LHC Board)

Members rebate generates a community benefit fund

Members in each region have the opportunity to create and distribute a Community Benefit Fund. The fund is generated from the rebate members receive if they spend over a specified threshold on our frameworks.

Community Benefits

Read about the LHC Constituent Membership

LHC is constantly seeking new Constituent Members to ensure a healthy balance of fresh ideas and solid experience on the LHC board.

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